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Shaina Zuppke Attorney at Law, LLC. 



5235 Ramsey Way Ste. 14, Fort Myers, FL 33907   




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 (239) 768-5003

Civil Litigation


Handling a legal matter without a lawyer is difficult and risky. Even in what seems like a simple matter, you may inadvertently waive your rights or overlook an option by going it alone. The law and the courts are full of unfamiliar terms, technical rules and complex procedures; we can help protect you and your interests.

Our office handles all types of civil law matters ranging from contracts, small claim court, landlord/tenant disputes, wills, living wills, and powers of attorney. If we can’t help you, we can assist in finding an attorney who can.


Contact us for you civil law case. Berrette & Zuppke Attorneys to receive the personalized attention you deserve, even the most simple matters are important us.


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