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Shaina Zuppke Attorney at Law, LLC. 



5235 Ramsey Way Ste. 14, Fort Myers, FL 33907   




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 Family Law


The happiness and wellbeing of your families is our main concern. When a relationship comes to an end, complications can arise; these are directly related with divorce, spousal support, child support, property division, and other important issues. Dealing with a family law matter can be emotionally challenging. We are compassionate and zealous in our legal representation, by providing a thoughtful and supportive approach. We are ready to help you through this challenging time.


Berrette & Zuppke Attorneys At Law offers a wide variety of family law related services. Our office handles all types of family law matters ranging from dissolution of marriage, custody, child support, spousal support, modifications of existing orders, guardianship, paternity, and mediation. 


Contact us,  without careful legal guidance, you can make decisions that may have long-term consequences. Don’t deal with these issues alone; you and your family are important to us. 

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